About Company

NEOTERIC PRECITECH was established in 1991 for providing specialization in high precision sheet metal work. Since then we have grown to become the market leader in manufacturing of Precision press components, tools, sub assemblies and assemblies spanning the automotive, aerospace, rail and defence, electrical and electronic industries With over 25 years of experience in Industry. NEOTERIC PRECITECH with its manufacturing unit at Bengaluru India provide end to end technology solutions & services to customers across industries


Our mission at NEOTERIC PRECITECH is to be recognised as the first choice for the supply of high quality products and associated services. We strive to consistently produce components that have an unmistakeable mark of quality, packaged and delivered in a professional and timely manner...




NEOTERIC PRECITECH can build tools capable for:

  •      Progessive Tool
  •      Compound Ttool
  •      Stage Tool
  •      In-die Tapping
  •      Silver Foil Insertion
  •      Draw Tools